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The Faxploit Scare

Do you remember the Y2K scare of 18 years ago? Well, the faxploit attack that has been sensationalized in the computer press recently, ranks right up there with it. After reviewing this carefully, we have concluded with 100% certainty that snappy fax is not vulnerable to this and in fact, the entire premise of the research paper released by Checkpoint Research is flawed.

They state in their report that an entire network can be taken over through a fax machine. This simply is not the case. The only demonstration they made was they could have a connected fax device send back a fax simply by sending it a fax. A careful reading of their research report must be made to see that this could only happen with a color fax device that uses raw jpeg and an "open source" jpeg parser (neither of which apply to our software). So my first question was "So how is that taking over an entire network?" Short answer is that is a huge stretch and I think the intent was to sensationalize their findings as much as possible. One might ask... "Well then why did HP rush to issue a patch then?" Simple, to avoid adverse publicity.

Back in 1999 when the press was abuzz about Y2K bugs major corporations spent millions of dollars to "consulting" companies for Y2K compliance studies. Why? Because the media had made so much of an ado about nothing that shareholders were getting antsy. It was widely reported in the media that microwave ovens, stoves, refrigerators, electronic devices of any kind and maybe even automobiles would cease to function at midnight on Dec. 31, 1999. We know people that got so sucked in by this that they bought hundreds of dollars worth of canned goods to survive Y2K. Geez!

Safe faxing with Snappy Fax! :-)

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