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Internet Fax Servers now supported

Internet Fax Services seems to be all the rage now and for good reason.

Consider the Pros and Cons of using an internet fax service:
  • Pros
    • No dedicated fax line required
    • No fax modem required
    • Ability to send/receive faxes from any location
    • Eliminate the headaches caused by connection problems in areas with aging telephone system infrastructure
  • Cons
    • Fax Service Subscription fees are required but may compare favorably with the cost of having a dedicated fax line, your fax volume will determine this
    • You will most likely not be able to keep your existing fax number, if you have one
    • Cancellation of the service might be a problem, research your target provider's cancellation policy and procedure in advance
    • Limited Storage capacity
Why should you consider using Snappy Fax as the front end to your internet fax service ?
  • Some internet fax service providers limit the types of documents you can submit. Snappy fax eliminates this problem since you can process any type of document that you can print on your computer.
  • Since Snappy fax retrieves and stores all fax documents locally on your computer, any storage limitations imposed by your provider are eliminated.
  • Snappy fax has many, many features like you will find extremely useful, these features are not offered by any internet fax service provider:
    • Forwarding incoming faxes to email accounts
    • "Watched Folder" processing to automatically send faxes
    • Command line faxing
    • Draft mode to combine documents from many sources into one multi-page fax
    • More streamlined processing of workflow, submission and retrieval of fax documents with less human intervention
Which Internet Fax services does Snappy Fax support ?
Both FaxAge and SRFax use a secure internet connection and do not involve transporting fax images via email connection. Both are highly recommended! Both are fully supported in Snappy Fax network server and Snappy Fax desktop. They are not supported in Snappy Fax Lite edition.


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