Fax Jobs are just sitting in the queue and not sending, why ?



If one or more fax jobs are sitting in the pending jobs table and the fax server is making no attempt to send the job then the most likely reason is that the network name of the client computer that submitted the fax job is not enabled in the fax server's list of supported network clients.


If, in the pending jobs data view, a client computer name is shown in the 'client' column in red, then it is not an enabled network client.  To resolve the problem, go the settings->network clients and add the computer name to the list and make sure you are giving privileges to the client for sending faxes on at least one modem.


Another reason might also be that you have suspended outgoing fax activity by clicking the 'Pause' button on the main window's toolbar or you have set the option in settings->general to start in suspended state.  To resolve this , click the 'Pause/Resume' button on the main window's toolbar.