False busy reported by modem



Busy signals have in large part gone out of style with most phone providers in favor of a recording.  If your modem is reporting busy and you are certain this is a false busy then you can uncheck the 'Detect busy' option in the modem configuration settings, to resolve the issue.  Also, note that the modem may report busy if it receives a 'fast busy' signal.  Fast busy signals are generated by some phone providers if the fax number you entered cannot be dialed from your area.  For example the number is not in your area and requires a long distance code and area code.  If you have long distance dialing disabled on a particular phone jack or on your phone system in general, and you attempt to send  a fax to a long distance number, you may also get a fast busy signal.  This has confused some users, if you cannot make a long distance call from your telephone then you certainly cannot send a long distance fax.


Note that snappy fax does not know about dialing rules and does not use them.  This is by design since in some areas in the US, the area code may be required for some local calls and within the same area code, some numbers may be local while others are toll calls depending on the exchange (first three digits after the area code).