Internet Fax Service


Snappy Fax can be used to send and receive faxes using your internet fax service like, eFax or MyFax.  We refer to this as "iFax" processing.


You must have a subscription to one of the supported internet fax services and properly configure the options in this section in order to use this feature.


The following internet fax services are supported:





Refer to the following guidelines when completing the options available in this section, a screen shot is shown below with discussion following:




Enable Internet Fax Service


Check this option to enable the options on this settings page.




Only used with FaxAge internet fax service.


Fax Service Domain


Select from the list, the domain for sending faxes to your internet fax service.  The internet fax services work by sending an email to an email address constructed with the fax number first then the '@' symbol then the domain.  Example: They also require the full phone number including the country code and are code along with the fax number.


Email Account


This is the email account in snappy fax, use the Email Accounts maintenance button on the 'Tools & Accounts' ribbon tab from the main snappy fax screen to create email accounts.  You can click the link 'Setup Account Now' on this settings page to access that from within this settings page.  Note that you will need to configure both the incoming and outgoing email options in snappy fax since you will want to be able to receive faxes as well as send them via your internet fax service.


It is strongly advised that you setup a unique email account with your internet provider for this purpose.  If you use your regular email account for this purpose then your regular mail reader, like Outlook, may delete message from the mail server and thus they will not be available for snappy fax to process.  This applies equally to sending and receiving faxes.  If you choose to not establish a unique email account for this purpose then DO NOT check the option 'Delete any extra messages or SPAM' option as it will delete any message in the inbox for the email account that snappy fax cannot process as a fax notification. (see below)


Include Unique Reference in Subject


The only way that snappy fax has to track a fax sent to the internet fax service is with some type of reference.  if you do not check this option, snappy fax will not be able to update the status when an email is sent from your internet fax service reporting the status of the fax.  When the fax image is sent to the fax service, the initial text in the 'result' column in the outbox will be 'Submitted to Fax Service'.  Snappy fax will update this upon arrival of an email from the fax service reporting the status of the actual fax.  The status will be updated to 'OK' or a failure description.  The possible failure descriptions would be 'Fax # incorrectly formatted' if the fax number did not include the country code and area code or simply 'Fail' if the fax could not be successfully transmitted by the fax service.


When this option is checked, snappy fax will replace the %R token in the Subject Template with a Unique reference that it generates when the fax email is sent to the fax service.  The allowed tokens are %R for reference and %S which represents any text that you type.  So, if you type into the subject for the fax 'The quote your requested' then the %S in the template will be replaced with that text.


Delete Mail Message after processing


The message will be deleted from the mailbox, if snappy fax could successfully process it.


Delete any extra messages or SPAM


Snappy fax will delete any message that is not determined to be a fax notification from the mailbox, if this option is checked. DO NOT use this option unless you have established a unique email address to use for snappy fax's iFax processing.