Modifying an Existing Draft



Suppose you have created a draft and previously saved it to the drafts database.


How do you modify one or more image pages in the draft, like say apply a highlight annotation (for example) ?


It's actually quite easy, but but maybe not so obvious.


Here's how, in 1,2,3 fashion:


From the Drafts database view:


1.  Click the 'Start draft with the selected draft' button on the secondary toolbar.  This will start draft mode with the images of the previously saved draft appearing in the draft window.

2.  Double click the item in the drafts database.  This will load it into the image viewer and change to the image viewer

3.  Make your annotations and be sure to burn in the annotations.

4.  You can now drag the thumbnail of the changed page from the thumbnail area of the image viewer and drop it on top of the same thumbnail in the draft window.  This will replace the image dropped on top of.  Now save your change by clicking the save to drafts database button on the draft window's toolbar.  Close draft mode and you are finished.