Remote Submit


Snappy fax client can submit fax jobs to the fax server remotely via email when configured as a network client to the fax server.  To enabled this feature check the 'Enable Remote Submit' checkbox and enter the email address assigned to the fax server in it's 'remote assistant' settings.  Also, select the email account you have set up for using remote submit in 'Tools and Accounts' Email maintenance.  If you have not already set up the account for this use you can click the 'Add Email Account...' button to access the Email maintenance screen.


Using remote submit requires configuration in both the fax server and the snappy fax client software.


When a fax is submitted to the server in this manner, the actual document to be faxed and subsequent messages between the fax server and the client software are exchanged using email.


The Remote Assistant background thread in the fax server monitors an email box that should be setup exclusively for use by Remote Assistant (RA), when a message arrives in this mailbox, the RA expects it to be a fax job that is sent from the client software and it will process the job accordingly by simply parsing out the details and submitting the document to the fax server's jobs queue just as a user on a network workstation would do.  It is important that the mail box being used by RA be a unique mail box and the *Remote Submit* options in the client software must indicate this email box's email address in the settings.  When a document is sent by remote submit from the client software it is sent to this mail box.  In that fax server's remote assistant settings, this email address must be entered in the settings there to indicate which email box remote assistant is to monitor for incoming fax jobs.


Similarly, remote submit options in the client software should also designate a unique email box for remote submit's use.  When a job is sent to the fax server by remote submit, the reply to address of the email will reflect this email address and remote assistant on the fax server will know what email address to send subsequent status emails to.  The remote assistant will send status messages to indicate the job has been submitted and then another message indicating the success or failure of the fax job.


In summary, two unique email addresses must be established, one for remote submit and one for remote assistant.  Remote Assistant is the fax server's helper thread and remote submit is the helper in the client software that send the job to remote assistant (RA) running on the fax server.