What is Draft Mode ?


Previous versions of snappy fax had 'capture mode' which was used to create compound (multi-page) documents for faxing.


'Capture mode' has been deprecated and replaced with 'Draft mode'.  With draft mode you can much more easily create compound documents for faxing.


There is a complete video tutorial about using draft modem located on our tutorials page.


Click the 'Draft mode' button on the Quick Bar to start draft mode.  A blank draft mode window will appear and remain on top of all other windows as long as draft mode is on.  It looks like this:




The image shown here already has two images on it they are represented as thumbnails in the draft window.  This images were put into the draft window by dragging Page 1 and Page 2 of the Inbox thumbnails onto the draft window.


Hint:  if you want to see a large size of the thumbnail, double click on it.  Press Esc or close the navigator (small) window to exit full screen mode.


Notice there is a toolbar at the top of the draft window.  You can park the mouse over a button to expose a hint as to each buttons functionality.  To exit draft mode, you can either click the close button on the draft window or turn draft mode off by clicking the draft modem button on the Quick Bar (main snappy fax window) to return the draft mode button to the up state and turn draft mode off.


You can save a draft to the drafts database for later use and you will be prompted about this if you close the draft window or turn off draft mode without saving the draft.  It is not mandatory that you save the draft you have created, you only need to save it if you want to later use the same draft again.  When you close the draft window, all images in the draft will be discarded.


You can turn off the prompt in settings->general.  If you turn off the prompt, closing draft mode will immediately do so and your draft will be lost so be careful with that option.


Note that while snappy fax is in draft mode, all images resulting from printing to the 'snappy fax printer' and all scanning operations will be directed to the draft window.


You can also combine several faxes into a single multi-page image by using draft mode.  Do do that, first start draft mode and drag items from the fax log and drop them onto the draft window.