Working with Grids (Logs)


The snappy fax main window consists of a number of 'views' which can be access from the Navigator.  The various views all have characteristics in common.  They contain a grid , sometimes referred to a log with a columnar layout representing the particular database items in that view.


The grids can be sorted in any order you desire by simply clicking on a column header.  If you click a column header a second time, the previous sort order will be reversed.  You can sort on multiple columns by holding down the shift key and clicking on additional column headers.  Example: click the Date column header to sort by date, hold the shift key and click the Time column header to sort by Time within Date.


You can navigate the grid by using the mouse, the arrow keys, page up and page down and ctrl-home to go to the first record or ctrl-end to go to the last record in the dataset.


You can move columns in the grid by dragging from their current position to the desired position in the header.


There is a video tutorial showing how to work with data grids on our tutorials page.


The outgoing fax log (grid) is represented below with some explanatory information following:






Grouping the data in the grid




Filtering data in the grid





A grid that has been filtered