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Snappy Fax ActiveX Automation Server

Snappy Fax is now available in an automation server edition. If you have been looking for an api, sdk or other means of controlling fax software from within your own application this for you.

What is an Automation Server ?

Automation makes it possible for your application to manipulate objects implemented in another application, or to expose objects so they can be manipulated. An Automation server is an application that exposes programmable objects (called Automation objects) to other applications (called Automation clients). Automation servers are sometimes called Automation components.

Exposing Automation objects enables clients to automate certain procedures by directly accessing the objects and functionality the server makes available. Exposing objects this way is beneficial when applications provide functionality that is useful for other applications. For example, you might directly manipulate your own database of clients and documents which you would like to transmit as faxes but not have the fax technology built in to your application. With Snappy Fax Automation Server, you can provide your own interface to transmit the documents using snappy fax as the 'fax engine'. If you have been a windows programmer for any time at all, you are undoubtedly familiar with Word and Excel automation, that is exactly how automation works with snappy fax.

Snappy Fax Automation Server operates just like the non-automation server edition but also offers over 80 properties and methods that can be used to access snappy fax's functionality from your application.

Whether you use snappy fax as a desktop only application or a client to our fax server, the framework includes most every procedure or property you would need to automate the activities from within your own application. If you find a feature missing in the current set, please let us know so we can include it for you.

We have included a sample Visual Basic project to illustrate the use of the Automation controller edition. While VB may not be your language of choice, most everyone with programming experience can understand its syntax. We do not use VB here and cannot help you develop your own application in your favorite language but the VB sample should clearly show how the methods and properties should be used. This example project was developed using Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2012.


All Properties and methods of the Snappy fax automation server are documented in this pdf file:


Note: Our license agreement specifically prohibits the creation of derivative works. You are not permitted to create your own fax application for sale to the general public using our Automation Server as the fax engine.


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