Deleting records from the grid (log)

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Deleting records from the grid (log)



To delete a fax record from any grid (log), you can drag and drop the item or multiple items to the 'Trash' folder.  Alternatively, you can press ctrl-del on the keyboard to move the selected records to the Trash folder or select the fax records to send to trash and click the 'move to trash' button on the grid's toolbar.  Items moved to trash will remain in the Trash folder until trash is emptied.


To empty trash, right click on the 'Trash' folder and select 'Empty Trash' from the popup menu.


Note: When you empty trash, all records will be permanently deleted.  You cannot selectively empty trash items, empty trash delete all items.  If you want to empty trash but do not want to delete all records, then first move the records you want to keep to another folder.