Digital Signature

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Digital Signature



Snappy fax can apply a facsimile signature to your fax pages.  You will need to create a signature graphic (.bmp file) to use for this purpose and the size of the signature must be appropriate so that when applied to the fax page it does not cover important content in the fax itself.


Select the graphic file you want to use and the position and pages option.  Note: Snappy fax will not sign cover pages, it is easy enough to place the signature graphic on your cover page template if you want a signed cover page.


Creating a signature graphic is easily done if you have a scanner.  Take a standard size piece of copy paper (white) and sign your name to it and then scan the document into snappy fax and save it to a .tif file.  You will need to use some type of image editing software to crop the image to the desired size.  The standard Paint program that ships with Windows can do this easily.  Use Paint to open the .tif file and crop the image to 300 by 150 and then save the image as a .bmp file.