Glossary of Terms

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Glossary of Terms



Snappy Fax Terminology


Terms used throughout this help file


Grid or Log


A database listing of records in a particular database in columnar format reflecting the fields in each record in the database.




In the navigation pane on the extreme left side of the main window, folders can be used to organize your faxes.  This should not be confused with the term 'folders' on your hard drive.  Actually there is a corresponding field in the outbox and inbox database FOLDER which tells snappy fax where a fax should be displayed which is tied to the folder selection in the navigation pane.


Transmission Log


A text based log file of an incoming or outgoing fax transmission which includes detail of conversation between snappy fax's fax engine and the fax modem itself.  Transmission logs are critical for tech support to diagnose a fax session failure.


Manual Fax


A 'manual' fax refers to either sending or receiving a fax over a telephone connection that has already been established.  In other words, for outgoing faxes, the modem does not dial the fax number and for incoming faxes the modem did not answer the call.  This is used to send a fax over a voice connection, perhaps you are having a conversation with a colleague and then decide you want to send them a fax over the existing phone connection.


Watched Folder


A folder that is 'watched' by a background thread.  When a new file is created or moved to that folder, snappy fax will start an automatic fax operation by parsing the necessary information from the file name.