Modem Settings - Calling Card

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Modem Settings - Calling Card


If you use a calling card, enter the card information here.  You may need to enter one or more commas at strategic places in any of these boxes.  If your provider's calling card system requires a prompt to be played before additional dialing then enter enough commas to cause the required amount of delay.  The default for most modems provides a 2 second delay for each comma encountered in the dialing string.


Example: a prompt is played 'please enter your account number' after dialing the access number, the playing of the prompt takes 6 seconds


In this example you should enter three commas in the 'Access number' box after the access number to have the modem wait for 6 seconds after dialing the access number and before dialing the account number.


You will find that a bit of experimentation is necessary in order to get the dialing string correct as to the number of commas required.