Remote Assistant

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Remote Assistant


Remote Assistant is a feature of the fax server which creates a background thread that monitors an email box looking for fax jobs that might be submitted by the client software via email.  This functionality in the client software is called Remote Submit.


You must set up a special email account with your internet provider to be used exclusively by Remote Assistant.  Do not attempt to use your regular email account for this purpose.  The reason is that when you check your email from your regular mail client (Outlook, etc) any fax jobs in the mailbox will be retrieved and then deleted by the mail client, accordingly they will possibly never be processed by Remote Assistant.


Remote Assistant will retrieve the mail jobs, process the submission to the jobs table and send a reply to the submitter that the mail job has been submitted.  Once the job has been processed, it will send another status email to the submitter informing of the success or failure of the transmission of the fax job.