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Forwarding faxes to email:


The fax server can forward incoming faxes to any number of email accounts.  There are two types of forwarding.


General Forwarding - All incoming faxes are forwarded to the email addresses enabled

Selective Forwarding - Only incoming faxes where the transmitted CSID (fax number) of the caller matches a pattern will be forwarded


Patterns can include wildcards as follows:


* - matches any number of characters in the position

? - matches any one character in the exact position indicated


Pattern Examples:






2292449999, 229, 229-249-0988

2289876767, 2275556789


2292469800, 2292479888

2282489800, 2292469780


229246,6700, 2282469000, 2467800




Use this section to enabled either or both types of forwarding.  Check the 'Selected ?' column to select an item and check the 'Always' column to always forward to that email address or select begin and end dates to respect forwarding to that email address.