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High Speed Super G3 fax!

What is Super G3 Fax? Typical faxes are transmitted at maximum speeds of 14,400 bits per second (referred to as baud rate). An average page of text will take about 45 to 60 seconds to transmit. With Super G3 fax, speeds of up to 33,600 bits per second are possible yielding a reduction in transmission time of 50% or more. We say 50% but that would be at a speed of 28,800 bps, the session speed is actually negotiated between the sender and receiver so the session speed may be as high as 33,600 bps. Super G3 also includes error correction which will increase the reliability of fax transmissions over less than perfect phone line conditions.

What do I need to enable Super G3 Faxing?

Aside from fax software that supports Super G3 fax, you need a fax modem that supports Fax Class 2.1. Until recently, there were virtually no modems that supported Fax Class 2.1 and those that did were prohibitively expensive. Not so any longer, we can recommend an affordable modem or multi-port modem board if you need to accommodate multiple fax lines.

My modem specs say it supports speeds up to 56kb, it should work, right ?

No. What you are reading is the specs for your modem's data speed. This has nothing to do with fax and unless your modem specs specifically say fax class 2.1, it will not provide Super G3 fax speeds.

Will I be able to communicate with non-Super G3 fax machines?

Yes. Fax devices go through a negotiation process at the start of a fax session and select a mutually agreed upon set of parameters for the session. Class 2.1 modems will adjust to the parameters required by the remote fax.

Will all my faxes be transmitted and received at Super G3 speeds?

Probably not. You will only achieve Super G3 speeds when sending to or receiving faxes from another Super G3 fax device. The installed base of Super G3 enabled fax devices is growing rapidly, you may have noticed that most relatively modern fax machines are Super G3 capable.

I already own a copy of snappy fax what do I need to do to gain Super G3 faxing capabilities?

All you need to do is purchase an upgrade to the G3 Edition of either snappy fax or snappy fax server, depending on which program you have previously licensed. There is no difference in the "SG3 Edition" and the "standard Edition" except for the support for Super G3 fax. You will not need to do any conversion whatever and the "SG3 Edition" will automatically pick up where your standard version left off.

Will the "SG3 Edition" accept my current license?

No, you will receive a new license for the "SG3 Edition" once you purchase the upgrade.

We use Snappy Fax Server do we need the "SG3 Edition" of the client software as well as the "SG3 Edition" of the fax server software?

No. Since the fax server software transmits and receives all faxes you only need the "SG3 Edition" of the fax server software.

Will I need to uninstall my current version of snappy fax after upgrading to the "SG3 Edition"?

No, but the standard and "SG3 Editions" will conflict with each other, if you try to run them at the same time. When you install the "SG3 Edition" you will need to at least make sure that the "Start when windows starts" option in your standard version is disabled so that they will not conflict when you restart your system. You cannot run the standard and "SG3" versions at the same time.

Will the "SG3 Editions" work only with Class 2.1 modems?

The "SG3 Editions" will work with any modem but you will only be able to achieve the high speeds Super G3 offers with a fax modem that supports Fax Class 2.1. If you don't have a Class 2.1 modem and do not plan to invest in one, there is no reason to purchase the "SG3 Edition" of snappy fax.

My modem says it is "Class 1.0 Super G3" capable, will the "SG3 Editions" of Snappy Fax work with it?

No, due to confusion in the industry about Class 1.0, we have chosen not to support Class 1.0 at this time. There are 2 "Class 1.0's". One is merely a Class 1 modem with extended commands, it does not support faxing at speeds higher than 14,400 bps. There is a true Class 1.0 that is a high speed fax modem, it is difficult to determine which is which so we will avoid the confusion at least for now. Class 1.0 will be treated as Class 1 and the maximum fax speed is 14,400 bps.

We are using the fax server with 8 modems, can the "SG3 Edition" handle the fax load of 8 modems?

Certainly ! The actual system load will be less with Class 2.1 fax modems since the modem hardware is performing most of the work during a fax session, which means less load on the computer's cpu.

What fax modems do you recommend that are Class 2.1 Super G3 capable?

You can purchase a Class 2.1 Super G3 capable modem for as little as $129. Is reliable fax important to your business ? If so, we believe you will agree that is a modest investment.

See the discussion of modems here

Enough talk ! What's the cost ?

Snappy Fax Server "SG3 Edition" is $ 149.00 (Standard Edition is $99.00)
Snappy Fax Desktop "SG3 Edition" is $ 69.99 (Standard Edition is $49.99)

If you are already a licensed user you can upgrade for the price difference.


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