There are basically two modems that we recommend now:

  • Multitech MT9234ZBA-USB-CDC-XR
  • Multitech MT9234MU-CDC-XR

The installation procedure for these modems is a bit unusual. Here is a step-by-step guide. These instructions apply to both Snappy Fax Server, Snappy Fax desktop and Snappy Fax Lite.

Create a folder on your hard drive named “Multitech Drivers”
Download the correct modem driver for your modem

These are .zip files.

Unzip the zip files in Windows File Explorer
Go to Control Panel and open Device Manager

Find and expand the “Ports” node. You will see an entry under Ports as shown in the following image:
Note: if you do not see it under “Ports” OR the Vendor ID does not match (see below) then look under the “Unknown Devices” node, Windows versions other than Windows 10 may treat differently.

Verify this is the Multitech Modem
Install the Driver
Open Control panel and click ‘Phone and Modem’, you should see the modem on the modems tab
Last step: Close all windows and Restart your computer.

If you do not restart your computer, snappy fax will not be able to find the modem.

After restarting your computer go to settings->modem settings in snappy fax and select the new modem, set the fax class to class2.0 or class2.1 (if using the SG3 edition).