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Fax Server or Desktop ?

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You do not need our Fax Server software to simply send or receive faxes on a single computer. In fact, the Fax Server cannot even initiate an outgoing fax job on its own. It will only process outgoing fax jobs that are submitted to it by Snappy Fax Desktop/Client. The Fax Server's primary role is to receive faxes and/or process outbound fax jobs submitted from one or more modemless workstations on a local area network. The fax server is capable of supporting multiple modems, whereas Snappy Fax Desktop can only support one modem.

If you do not need to support multiple fax lines/modems and only have a need to send and/or receive faxes from one computer then all you will need is Snappy Fax Desktop.

Features such as email forwarding, saving faxes in pdf format are included in both the Fax Server and Snappy Fax Desktop, you will not gain any features by purchasing the fax server, with the exception of multiple modem support and network workstation support.

Note: When Snappy Fax Desktop is referred to as "Snappy Fax Desktop/Client" it means Snappy Fax Desktop has been configured by the user as a client to the Fax Server and is being used in that context. Snappy Fax Desktop software is the client software for the Fax Server.


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