Snappy Fax Desktop & Fax Server Desktop & Fax Server Software for Windows since 1999

Desktop & Fax Server Video Tutorials

These video files were created using Blueberry Software's BB FlashBack Pro 3 Recorder
Note: some of the videos were created with older versions of snappy fax, the concepts still apply to recent versions

Video Tutorials

Snappy Fax Desktop Fax Software box image
  • How to Apply your license file to snappy fax
  • Windows says my modem is in use by another application
  • Cover Page Tutorials
    • Building a cover page from A to Z
  • Working with Data Grids (Logs)
  • Working with Folders in the navigation pane
  • Working with Images
    • Adding text annotations to an image
    • Erasing part of an image
    • Deleting a page from an image
    • Rotating an Image
    • Controlling the Zoom level when working with images
    • Sending a fax with multiple 'attachments'
    • Transmission Logs
    • Repairing a corrupt data file
      • How to discover the snappy fax data folder
      • Using DBSys to repair snappy fax data files
      • Using DBSys to repair snappy fax server's data files
      • Setting share on fax server's data folder'


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