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Welcome to Snappy Fax version 5.


Version 5 of snappy fax has a completely new user interface that you will find very easy to use, if you like version 4, you'll love version 5 !


Version 5 highlights


The cover page designer has been completely rewritten from the ground up.  It is much, much easier to use, is not dependent on screen resolution as in version 4 and produces a much more attractive cover page
Annotating (mark up) of images is very easy, this functionality has also been completely rewritten.  No requirement to change to 100% Zoom then drop to fixed location on image then move object, etc.
Greatly improved image viewer produces better image quality when viewing
Draft mode now makes it easier than ever to produce compound faxes (multi-page faxes from different sources) for faxing in a single transmission or saving for later use.
New fax jobs can be started whenever you like, no more waiting for snappy fax to finish one transmission before starting another fax
When configured as a client to the fax server, snappy fax is now more tightly integrated with the fax server's database, allowing additional administrative functions to be performed from the client
Improved import from Outlook to address book, no limitation as to what Outlook contact folder a contact is stored in and distribution lists are also supported
Outlook can now be used as the default email account in snappy fax for forwarding faxes to email, which is perhaps the most popular feature in snappy fax
Snappy Fax can now automatically process Open Office Text and spreadsheet documents



And lots more ...