User Interface
The Quick Bar
The Ribbon Tabs
Navigating the Main Window
Getting Started
System Requirements
Migrating from prior versions
Snappy Fax Settings
General Settings
Fax Options
Fax Cover Page
Saving Fax Files
Fax Forwarding to Email
Selective Forwarding to Email
Forwarding to Fax Machines
Publish To Website
Filter (Junk Fax) Settings
Modem Settings - Configuration
Modem Settings - Actions
Modem Settings - Line Properties
Modem Settings - Advanced
Modem Settings - Calling Card
Modem Settings - Manual Fax
Scanner Settings
Printing Options
Fax Server Interface
Security Measures
Archive Options
Watched Folders
Hot Keys
Digital Signature
Remote Submit
Internet Fax Service
Sending Faxes
From Other Applications
From Your Scanner
From Windows Explorer
Opening Files in Snappy Fax
Command Line Fax
Receiving Faxes
Using Draft Mode
What is Draft Mode ?
Creating a fax draft
Modifying an Existing Draft
Deleting an Existing Draft
Address Books
Address Book Maintenance
Shared Address Books
Importing Contacts
Exporting Contacts
Email Accounts
Email Account Maintenance
Special Topics
Disabling the Microsoft Fax Service
Watch Files Supported file types
Working with Grids (Logs)
Deleting records from the grid (log)
Working with the image viewer
Prepare Fax Job Screen
Importing Prior Version Data
Using the Cover Page Designer
Full Screen Viewer
What modem should I buy ?
Receive Mode Scheduling
Working with the Fax Server
Governing Your Workflow
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I use my All in One Machine ?
Can I use my Cable Modem ?
What about Windows 7 ?
Is it 64 bit Windows Compatible ?
No dialtone
False busy reported by modem
Modem will not answer calls
Transmission is very slow
Error Initializing Modem
Modem Failed to initialize
Modem in Use by another process
License File is Invalid
Cannot open license file
Purchase, Registration & Technical Support
How to Purchase
How to Register after Purchase
Technical Support
Glossary of Terms
Glossary of Terms

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