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Feature Comparison

Below is a matrix comparing the features of Snappy Fax Version 5 Desktop/Client and Snappy Fax Lite Edition...

Feature Snappy Fax Desktop/Client Version 5 Snappy Fax Lite Edition
Supports Caller ID
Supports Distinctive Ring
Fax Blast
Send Fax Image to email address
Forward Incoming Faxes to Email
Forward Outgoing Faxes to Email
Save Incoming Fax Images to desired folder in .tif or .pdf format
Save Outgoing Fax Images to desired folder in .tif or .pdf format
Junk Fax Filter to reject unwanted faxes
Select fax recipients from Outlook Contacts
Import Contacts from Outlook
Create and Manage any number of address books
Fax Draft Mode to easily create multi-page fax from multiple sources
Open pdf files natively and convert to fax format
Scan documents for fax from your scanner
Includes many pre-designed cover page templates
Automatic Spell-checking of cover page text contents
Export Address book and fax data to csv, html, excel and other files types
Full featured cover page designer
Import Snappy Fax version 4 fax data
Create fax archives and manually or automatically archive old faxes
Image Annotations including rubber stamps
Supports Super G3 high speed fax
Can be configured as client to network fax server
Microsoft Ribbon interface
Supports sending/receive via internet fax services
Foreign Language support
"Watched Folder" support
Send faxes from command line
Fax Image Encryption
Receive Mode Scheduling
Faxes can be scheduled to send at specific date and time
Predefined Fax "Profiles"
Send/Receive Fax over voice connection (Manual Fax)
Automation Server support
Printed Fax Reports
Application locking after idle time
Fax Signing with signature graphic


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