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This is but a small sample of unsolicited feedback we have received from users via email...

(Reprinted with permission of the contributors)

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Stop here and don't even bother looking elsewhere! We purchased Snappy Fax to replace our severely outdated (and expensive to upgrade!) fax software at our business. There were a few times we needed support regarding some hiccups with some outgoing faxes, and the support we received was both extensive and very prompt. There was no way I expected to receive such good customer service from one of the most affordable fax softwares out there, and we are blown away at how well they support their product. The software performs perfectly after several months of use, and we intend to purchase several more licenses for our other sites.

You can't go wrong with choosing Snappy Fax for your needs... stop here and don't even bother looking elsewhere!

Nathan Gillette
Fresno, CA

Affordable, Excellent Business fax "My company's faxing needs were a pain, until I met snappy fax! Using triple fax modems, snappy allows me to email the faxes to right department. The product is a very stable application, amazing support and constant updates. I would recommend this product to anyone.

Alexandru Maran
Toronto, Canada

Inexpensive, simple alternative to expensive complicated systems "Just a note to let you know that I purchased Snappy Fax and have been using it for about 3 weeks now. Its working great for our purpose of capturing incoming medical lab result faxes and making them available for importing into our EHR systems. It is an inexpensive , simple alternative to expensive complicated systems I have evaluated."

Chris Hill
Leawood, KS, USA

Rich features...a complete fax solution "I run a small law practice in Montreal, Quebec, and I have been using computer based fax programs for years but when I discovered Snappy Fax (I began at version 4) I found a software solution that not only worked extremely well at sending, receiving and keeping logs of my faxes, but the price for this is a steal!

Version 4 worked well and any time I had an issue for support, I was amazed by the speed at which my questions were resolved. I probably required support 2 or 3 times in the last 2 years and each time, my issues were resolved quickly and to my satisfaction.

I just discovered that Version 5 has been released a couple of months ago and I did not hesitate to move up to version 5 and only wished I had known about it when it first came out.

I would recommend Snappy Fax 5 to any one or any business that depends upon an easy to use, reliable and inexpensive fax solution. And although it is easy to use and inexpensive, it is rich in features that make it a complete fax solution. On top of that, you can try before you buy, so you can see for yourself if it is suitable for your needs. That's a "win-win" situation."

Kenneth Zigby, attorney
Quebec, Canada

product support is A1 "We have been a happy Snappy Fax Ver. 4 for over 2 years, recently we had a hard drive crash and needed to reload the program, we contacted John at SF for help. He instructed us to download the newest version of SF Ver. 5 we did that and encountered some issues in getting the software to running as expected. Again we contacted John he was more than patient in supporting us to figure out what was wrong. At the end of the day it was a setting we changed on our end the caused the problem, John's support of his product was A1, never have I seen customer support like this; I highly recommend SF to everyone, it has evolved into a feature rich software that my company cannot exist without, believe me I have tried others. Thanks John!"

Bill Gardiner

I must say I was shocked at the price! "I want you to know that I am really impressed with the Snappy Fax. I used WinFax for several years, but changed computers and could not reinstall it. When I found it was no longer available, I searched through several programs to find a replacement. Yours is the only one I found with the capabilities of WinFax. It is very user-friendly and has all the features I was looking for and then some.

I must say I was shocked at the price! I was fully expecting to pay anywhere from $100-200 for a program. My first thought was that the software could not possibly be as sophisticated a program as you advertise for that price, but thought it was worth a free trial. I was wrong and very pleasantly surprised. It is a sophisticated program functionally, and has performed flawlessly since I installed it.

Thank you very much."
Juli Handley,
Manager, Accounting/Human Resources
Lubbock, Texas

thank you for saving me from WinFaxPro! "I just wanted to say thank you for saving me from WinFaxPro! I use fax on my computer for a different reason than most people….I’m deaf. Even with the advent of email and IM, I still use fax software for communicating with a variety of people…including my doctor. Over the years, I’ve had to put up with so much crap from Symantec about WinFax. Their product worked, most of the time, but was expensive and every time I changed operating systems, I could count on having to buy another version. Thank you for making a simple, easy to use product at a reasonable price!! For those of us who can’t use phones, it’s an affordable, dependable lifesaver."
Sam Hayes

MARVELOUS program! I just wanted to write to you and thank you so much for writing this MARVELOUS program! I find it so easy to use and so handy and so versatile and so featured. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU.
Bruce A. Nemer, St. Louis Park, Minnesota 55426

If I could rate it, yours will get the best in all categories Hello, Thank you for the prompt advice. John, I have been testing a handful of FAX software in two occasions in the last three years, By far I have to say yours is the best in terms of features, screen designs and now I have an experience to your prompt supports. If I could rate it, yours will get the best in all categories. I could see that you are on top of every details, keep up your good works. Even though I only use it for incoming to forward the fax in PDF, I will highly recommend your FAX SW to others. Thanks and Regards.,
Philip Fu

This is the best FAX server/client app I've seen yet "Thank you again for you help. BTW - wonderful software. This is the best FAX server/client app I've seen yet. Very stable and full of features (I love the capture mode)."
Jon M. Crain

Best fax server software I have had the pleasure of deploying "Kudos to you and your company for the best fax server software I have had the pleasure of deploying. I have installed many fax solutions for my clients over the years, and this has been by far the most reliable, feature-rich, well-supported and cost effective software I know of. I eagerly await my next client to ask me for a fax solution, I will proudly recommend Snappy Fax and know that they are in good hands. Keep up the good work and thanks again!"
Aaron Straub

you have my highest 5 star recommendation! "Snappy Fax is an awesome tool for every small business marketing arsenal. Your technical support was top notch when I ran into what I thought was a small glitch. Within no time you had everything working perfect for me. Thank you John - you have my highest 5 star recommendation!"
Troy White - Calgary, Canada

Yeow! What an answer to prayer! "Yeow! What an answer to prayer! This is exactly, I say exactly (insert Foghorn Leghorn accent here) what I've been looking for. 30 days my foot. I registered tonight. I also included you in my Favorite's list on my personal website."
Mel in Minnesota

Thank you for making snappy fax available and affordable "I thought I would never need a fax machine. I have used snappy fax regularly for nearly 30 days. It was easy to integrate. It is easy to use. I am very pleased with the product, and, of course, with the pricing. Thank you for making snappy fax available and affordable."
George in Ohio

Snappy Fax is the best fax server software out there "Snappy Fax is the best fax server software out there. I have tried everything that is available."
Dion in Albuquerque

I am (happily) a refugee from Winfax "I purchased Snappy Fax, and now I am (happily) a refugee from Winfax. Snappy works great."
Bruce in North Carolina

Very simple to set up and use "I really like the product. Very simple to set up and use."
Kelly in San Diego

yours is the BEST SUPPORTED piece of software I've ever bought I have to tell you, yours is the BEST SUPPORTED piece of software I've ever bought, imagine you contacting me with upgrades. Neat!"
Christopher Meyer, one satisfied customer

I am so grateful for Snappy Fax! "I am so grateful for Snappy Fax! Years ago, I used WinFax Pro…finally, no support when I had problems, then Symantec quit making it altogether. I was so blessed when I FINALLY found Snappy Fax. I need to keep all my faxes, organized in file folders by dates. No other fax software allowed you to store your faxes. I am so grateful that I can run any piece of software I choose and can “send it” to Snappy fax…as it shows up as a printer. Then I can do what I wish within Snappy Fax, and when I’m done, I have a copy and “proof”…I know exactly when I sent it, to whom, and what it said ...matters not if I have to go back 2 years…there it is."

Bobbie Zirkel
Honor, MI USA

your product is fantastic! "I wanted to drop you a line and let you know your product is fantastic! The paper saving alone pays for the product. I have no idea why anyone would use an on-line fax service when your product is easy to install and easy to use. The price we would pay for one month of internet fax services would be far more that the cost of your product. If you need to forward faxes and free youself from your office this is the product."


Snappy Fax is by far the best "Just ordered the upgrade.
Have to tell you...
I don't fax very often, but when I need to... it is there. Over the way previous years, I have spent a lot of money on fax software (remember winfax for one) Snappy Fax is by far the best one I have ever used... and the price sure as hell can't be beat!"

Ed Wolf
Amateur Radio Station: N3UE
International Order Of Old Bastards

I have never, ever, experienced customer service like this! "I have a courier company here in Brampton, Ontario, and faxes are crucial to our success. I used WinFax in the old days but that stopped being supported and I searched for a new fax program that could do what we need. I am so pleased that we discovered Snappy Fax. It does exactly what it says it will do and it does it all with 100% reliability. It has never failed me, never caused a moments anxiety and is very easy to understand and use. All of the above would make Snappy Fax a good program, but it is the customer service that makes it a great one. I recently moved to a new office and as a result I had to contact the Snappy Fax support group to help me move my files around. I got responses to my queries within minutes and they were able to answer every single question without hesitation. When I tried to do something that the program didn't support they walked me through a work-around that accomplished exactly what I needed. I have never, ever, experienced customer service like this!
I can't say enough about how happy my experiences with Snappy Fax have been. I would highly recommend their product to anyone who needs a fax program."

Jeremy Alderton
Brampton, Ontario

head and shoulders better than others "We looked around for Fax software and tried many. Yours was head and shoulders better than others! Your response to questions have been superb.

Thanks !"
John Hassard, Ontario, Canada

a software masterpiece - elegant, not heavy, efficient in every regard "Thank you. Registration successful. Thanks for hard and clever work in accomplishing a software masterpiece - elegant, not heavy, efficient in every regard - that has everything really needed, including annotations.

High appreciation for God-inspired minds"
Michael Sharon, Tel Aviv

I am blown away by how easy and complete yours is "I removed our current expensive complicated fax server software today and installed Snappy Fax in its place. I found Snappy Fax to be so easy that I was up and running in an hour and that is including the time it took to remove the old fax server software and it included the time to test both ports and make such adjustments as autoprint to a certain printer and save each fax as a separate file in the folder of my choice. I have used several fax servers and I am blown away by how easy and complete yours is! We are implementing your software for the mere cost of the annual support contract on the other.

Thanks for Snappy Fax."
Mike Magarahan

It is a masterpiece "John, as an amateur programmer, I can appreciate in a small degree all the hard work and good thinking that went behind snappyfax -- especially the vista version. It is a masterpiece, that is what I would label it. Thanks again."
Walter Bachus in Alexandria, Virginia, USA

self explanatory, figured how to send a fax in about 5 minutes "I upgraded to Windows Vista Home Premium from Windows XP only to find that Microsoft removed the fax program (only available in the Business or Ultimate version). I looked on the web for fax software and you are the only company that offers fax software for Vista. After trying it out for a couple of days, I purchased it. It's easy to use, I setup a new cover page and inserted a drawing that I use on all my cover pages, with just looking at the directions once to see what kind of picture file the program liked (.bmp). The program itself was self explanatory, figured how to send a fax in about 5 minutes. Like I said, easy to use and most importantly, it works with Vista!!"
Ron (via gmail)

Easy to use, loaded quickly, worked right off the bat. "I have tried Snappy Fax for the 30 days and just purchased. This program is terrific. After suffering through constant problems with WinFax, I threw that program out and tried Snappy Fax. This program is brilliant! Easy to use, loaded quickly, worked right off the bat. I am so pleased! Thanks and keep up the great work!"
John Panzarella, in Gatlinburg, TN

solved a lot of my problems "Hello, May I take this opportunity to thank you for a great program, solved a lot of my problems, didn't have to buy a new "gadget"! And a really great price too!"
Lizabeth in Texas, USA

Good job! "I have just registered your Snappy Fax. It is exactly what I have been looking for. Good job!"
Mick in Iowa, USA

your product is brilliant, loaded successfully and worked immediately "Our second day of evaluation. Having tried other fax software, your product is brilliant, loaded successfully and worked immediately"
Edward in the United Kingdom

I really enjoy using the program "I downloaded your fax program from the internet. I really enjoy using the program"
Adrian in Ontario, Canada

This is a wonderful program, thanks a lot ! "I am a visiting nurse and the info on the moms and babies I have to see can be sent to me on Snappy Fax. This is a wonderful program, thanks a lot ! ...You are doing a wonderful service for people like me who can't afford a complete fax machine !"
Ann "Granny" in Ohio, USA

I've had it 2 days and I feel 200% more productive! "Thanks for the personal reply John -- it is one of the best integrating programs I have used. I've had it 2 days and I feel 200% more productive! Outstanding little piece of software !"
Bernie in Kansas, USA

it's a joy to use "I've just registered and started using your programme, and am delighted with it - after Bitware it's a joy to use."
Mark in the United Kingdom

Your product and service are exemplary "Thank you for your quick and sensible solution to this problem. Your product and service are exemplary and I will recommend you to anyone who'll listen."
Jim in Michigan, USA

You guys did an amazing job on it! "Thank you for your prompt response. I have to say I love the SG3 version, I have been using the trial with the MultiTech Systems V.92 Data/Fax World Modem USB Model# MT9234MU-CDC-XR and it has been working flawlessly. I have noticed a 1 to 1.5 hour decrease in our faxing times, when sending out about 220 faxes per batch."

Gerald Walker
Sarasota, Florida

You guys did an amazing job on it! "I just wanted to say that I recently purchased your software – after trying it for 30 days free. It’s the best faxing software available, by far. You guys did an amazing job on it. I use it regularly to fax important documents and it never fails or crashes. Thank you for making such a wonderful and easy to use PC faxing solution."

Samuel Burca
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

thanks for the great tech support! "thanks for the great tech support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do u have a comments section on your website for customers to say great things about you?.. if so, please post the following...

I have had such a wonderful experience with your service.. it is a great price and UNBELIEVABLE the abilities that this software has... thanks for a GREAT product at a GREAT price and with GREAT tech / customer support. I have a home office and it is so important to have all my computers and software functioning for work to go on when I am at home.... you help me achieve this with ease!"

Stephanie Newman
Lake Charles, Louisiana

fits right in and works perfect "Great program ! Just letting you know I have tried several other programs for faxing and they suck. Your program is great, fits right in and works perfect."


...most incredible and easy to use fax product... "Oh John, I feel like an idiot. I spent some time working with it last night and realized it works absolutely amazing!!! I cannot stress enough how impressed with your product I am. It is the most incredible and easy to use fax product I've ever seen. The remote submission was something I was not doing right and when I finally figured that out, it worked perfect."

Shane Ludwig
Lincoln, Nebraska

thank you for creating such a great piece of software! "I run a consulting business, and I had customers looking for a computer-based fax solution. The owner is frequently out of town but still wants to receive faxes. They said someone gave them a copy of WinFax, but after reading about it, I decided to try something else that would run better on a server. I first tried Black Ice Impact Fax Server, but found it to be difficult to use and un-intuitive.

Then I found Snappy Fax. It took a very short time to get it up and running, and the users quickly became accustomed to it. They absolutely love everything they can do with it, now nobody is chained to the office to receive faxes, they can do it anywhere. Plus the price is perfect.

I wanted to thank you for creating such a great piece of software!

Keep up the good work!"

Chris in Lubbock, Texas

works easily for a large corporate office and even a single user
"I've been using Snappy Fax for several years and version 4 - well, I didn't think you could improve on this program, but you did! The nicest thing about this program is that it is set up to work easily for a large corporate office and even a single user. But there's more. I am a Deaf person and my modes of communication are limited. I'm retired now, but I was using Snappy Fax at the office for all my company fax needs and now I just use it for personal communication. For either of those purposes, the program is perfect. It's as easy to use all of the bells and whistles as it is to just send a quick fax to a friend. Thanks again for all your hard work!!"
Sam Hayes

so intuitive anyone can use it in minutes "I have a registered copy of your Snappy Fax program and now that I do, I am glad my other fax program died. They gave me a hard time trying to get a replacement copy when I lost my disk so I purchased yours. Your software is easier to use and I never had to read ANY help files, though they are there if I needed them. The fax cover page editor is a cinch to use as is the address book. This is a very nicely laid out program. You have done a great job in creating a reliable program with excellent features that is so intuitive anyone can use it in minutes. I hope you get a lot of positive feedback like this, you deserve it."
Dr. Joe Ross

best and most reliable fax software on the market "We run a tourism business in the Baviaanskloof Mountains, Eastern Cape, South Africa and fax's is vitally important to our business. We would like to thank you for such an excellent product. We tried all the available products on the market until we discovered Snappy Fax, believe me, it is without any doubt the best and most reliable fax software on the market, not only for small business but for anyone in need of a fax program that really works."
Norman Robbertse

less than 1/2 of what our unreliable, big brand software cost "Snappy Fax is great!!!! Our office has been battling with unreliable fax software. After going through several fax solutions we found Snappy Fax to be the easiest, fastest and most stable way to send batch faxes. On top of that, it costs less than 1/2 of what our unreliable, big brand software cost. Thank you for saving our time and much headache by creating this great software! Keep up the good work!"
Ben Havilland, Systems Administrator

has saved me time and money! "I just wanted to let you know that your software is easy to setup and has saved me time and money! I work in the Real Estate profession and instead of retrieving faxes when I'm away from the fax, I can log into my email and print out the fax where I am. Thanks !"

best on the market "I would like to thank you for your professionalism, dedication and also your commitment to your product which is in my opinion is the best on the market. These qualities are getting harder to find nowadays."
Peter Smith (Systems Developer), SheffCare Limited, Sheffield, UK

VASTLY superior to winfax "I just wanted to say that this is the best fax program I have used. ALL other programs failed to work reliably (or at all) with my motion computing Tablet PC. Yours knew the modem, configured itself perfectly, and has run without a hitch. Truly an awesome program. It is VASTLY superior to winfax etc."
Thomas Atlas, MD, Tustin, California

your service and support are second to none! "I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with this program. In fact, in the 30 years I've been working with computers, I cannot remember one single program, save Snappy Fax, that I was totally happy with. The program works flawlessly - updates are timely and install without a hitch and your service and support are second to none!
Thanks again for a Quality product."
Sam Hayes

This program is outstanding! "Well just to let you know how rare this email is.....I am 82 years old and have had many computers from my first TRS80 in 1979. I have NEVER written a letter about software to anyone. I have had many programs that I have bought and it ended up in the trash, and many that have crashed my computer, others that I could not install and others that I could not uninstall. I have made some effort in the area of writing software, so I know it is not always easy, but I expect it to work. This program is outstanding! It does everything that it states that it will do, and does it easy and well. I have never had software that installed as easy and worked the first time. I had my computer worked on about 6 mo. ago and they did not reinstall the software that ran the fax, (XP) I was not issued the XP CD so I could not just reinstall. I have tried over 10 times with drivers, programs, etc., without getting the fax up and running right. I hope you will put out other software and it is as good."
Robert Williams

Nice program and a reasonable price "Your snappy fax program is just what I am looking for. Nice program and a reasonable price."
Kevin in Washington, USA

Your program is great! "Your program is great!

Russell in Texas, USA


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