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Archive Options



Snappy fax can maintain any number of archives.  The default archive is simply 'Default Archive', you can create additional archives as you wish for incoming and outgoing faxes.


Depending on your fax volume, the primary fax database may grow very large and while snappy fax can easily handle large databases it is a good practice to periodically move old database items to an archive to improve operating efficiency and to minimize the chance of a complete loss of all data if database corruption occurs.  Corruption is rare but can occur if snappy fax is actively writing to a database when a sudden power outage occurs.


You can set snappy fax to automatically move items of a certain age into a designated archive.  The auto archive operation will run approximately 5 minutes after initial startup and then again at 24 hour intervals.


If you choose the 'Planned' archive schema then snappy fax will create new archives as needed below the base folder.  For example, items in November 2018 will be moved to an archive in this folder: 2018 NOV

and an archive by the name 2018 NOV will be added to the list of known archives.