Watched Folders

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Watched Folders



Snappy fax can manage an unlimited number of 'watched' folders.  A 'watched' folder is simply a folder that snappy fax monitors for ongoing file activity.  When a new file is created in the folder, snappy fax will check to see if the file is of a supported file type and then examine the file name to see if it is intended as a fax file.  The file name of a watch file that should be processed for faxing is in the following format:


NNNNNNNN_##########_R_Y_Cover page subject_Cover page memo box contents_memo field in outbox_bill code field


NNNNNNNN represents the name of the recipient

####### represents the fax number

R represents the fax routing method, R=Normal fax, S=Submit to fax server

Y represents whether to send a cover page or not Y=Yes, N=No (the default cover page template will be used)

Cover page subject represents the subject of the fax if a cover page is used (optional)

Cover page memo box contents represents the desired contents of the message box area on the cover page (optional)

memo field in outbox represents a memo field entry that appears in the outbox data record (optional)

bill code field represents the desired contents of the bill code field in the outbox data record (optional)




Joe Smith_18007861233_R_Y_Your Product Quote_The quote you requested for SKU# 90919_Product Quotes.docx


Note that formatting characters are not required in the phone number part of the file name.


See: Supported File Types


PK Compounder


If you are using Snappy Fax to manage faxes in PK Compounder Pharmacy software then click the 'Set PK Compounder Defaults' button.  This will configure the default PK folder as a watched folder in snappy fax.