From Windows Explorer

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From Windows Explorer


You can send a document of the following types to Snappy Fax from the Windows Explorer Context menu:


Tiff Files (.tif, .tiff)

PDF Files (.pdf)

Bitmap Files (.bmp)

Jpg Files (.jpg, .jpeg)

Text Files (.txt)

Word Documents (.doc, .docx)

Excel Spreadsheets (.xls, .xlsx)

RTF Files (.rtf)

Open Office Text Documents (.odt)

Open Office Spreadsheets (.ods)


To send a file to snappy fax, right click on the file in Windows Explorer and select Send To->Snappy Fax Version 5 from the popup menu.


Note: if you have unchecked the 'Make Send To context menu item in Windows Explorer' in Snappy Fax's general settings then you will not find a menu item for Snappy Fax under the 'Send To' item on the Windows Explorer popup menu and you will not be able to process files in this manner.




You can also use drag and drop from Windows Explorer...


Open Windows Explorer and select a file of the type supported (see above) and drag the file name from Windows Explorer and drop it onto the

Image View in snappy fax.  Hint: First make sure the image view is the active view in snappy fax.