From Your Scanner

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From Your Scanner


If you have a scanner connected to your computer, you can scan documents to be faxed.  Note that snappy fax cannot detect a network scanner that is connected to another computer on a local area network, it must be connected to your computer.


To begin scanning, click the 'Scan a Document' button on the Image Viewer ribbon tab.  Note: if you have a problem scanning and there seem to be two entries for your scanner in the scanner selection drop-down box, try selecting the other scanner entry and see if that works.



The 'Scan Manager' Windows looks like this:






If your scanner does not have an automatic document feeder, you will be prompted after each page has been scanned to insert the

next page of the document on the platen glass, this process will be repeated until you finish the scan by clicking 'cancel' in response to

the prompt.


If your scanner has a document feeder, be sure to load the feeder before clicking the 'Start Scan' button.  All pages loaded in the feeder will be scanned once you click the 'Start Scan' button.


Be sure that you select the correct TWAIN source (driver) from the scanner selection drop down list.  You may need to experiment a bit to

determine which is the best driver to use, as some scanners will install more than one driver.  Windows will have a default TWAIN device

that can be changed by any application so pay special attention to the selected TWAIN source before starting your scanning operation.


Once you are finished scanning, click the 'Finish' button on the toolbar at the top of the window.


Your scanned image will be loaded into the main window's image viewer or , if snappy fax is in draft mode, into the draft window.  If not in draft mode, click the 'Fax this Document' button on the 'Image Viewer' ribbon tab to send the fax.  If in draft mode, click the fax button on the draft window's toolbar.  Either of these will invoke the 'Prepare Fax Job' window to prepare your fax, select recipients , etc.


The following video clip illustrates how to send a fax from your scanner:


Sending a fax from your scanner with Snappy Fax