Modem will not answer calls

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Modem will not answer calls



If your modem is not answering incoming calls then first make sure that the modem is configured properly in snappy fax, most importantly that the correct com port is selected in the modem configuration settings.  Also make sure that the modem's 'Line' jack is connected to the wall jack.


If more than one device is connected to your phone line by means of a splitter, say an answering machine along with your modem then try connecting the modem directly to the wall jack.  Each device has an REN (ring equivalence number) and each will slightly degrade the signal thus preventing the modem from detecting the ring voltage on the line.  If you are certain that your modem is configured and connected properly then you will need to replace the modem or alternatively see if your phone provider can boost the ring signal volume on your line.  If you can send faxes without a problem then your modem is connected and configured properly.  


Note that it is the modem's job to detect the ring voltage on the phone line and then notify snappy fax that a ring has been detected so that the process can be initiated to answer the call, negotiate the fax session and receive the fax.  Snappy fax has no way of itself detecting that the phone line is ringing.