Transmission is very slow

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Transmission is very slow



An average page of text takes about 45 seconds to transmit at 14400 baud, slightly slower at slower baud rates.  If your fax transmissions are taking much longer than this then consider the following:


Take note of the session speed that is displayed on the outgoing fax progress screen.  If the speed is slower than the baud rate that you have set for outgoing faxes in snappy fax's modem configuration settings, then the cause is one or both of the following:


There is noise on your phone line or on the fax receiver's line.  Have your telephone provider check your line for noise.

You are faxing a document that is either color or grayscale.  These documents, when converted to black and white for faxing will result in a very large file that will take a long time to transmit.


Please note that part of the fax session negotiations between the fax sender and fax receiver includes the desired transmission speed.  If the receiver does not support 14400, for example, then it will negotiate the speed of the session down to the highest speed it supports and this speed will be used for the session regardless of the baud rates that you have established in snappy fax's modem configuration settings.


Also, as a preamble to the actual transmission of the fax page data, the fax sender sends a known training pattern to the receiver.  The receiver knows what this pattern is and if the pattern received does not match the known pattern then it will request a retrain at the next lower baud rate.  This process is repeated until the pattern transmitted by the fax sender matches the known pattern and that speed will be used for the session.