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From Other Applications




Snappy fax installs its own printer driver.  Once it is installed you will find the 'Snappy Fax Printer' installed on your computer.


Note: Please do not change the printer name from 'Snappy Fax Printer' or any properties of the Snappy Fax Printer in Control Panel, doing so will render the printer driver inoperative.


You can fax any document from any other Windows application by simply printing the document to the 'Snappy Fax Printer'.  Perform your print operation normally except choose the 'Snappy Fax Printer' as the destination printer.  Once the printer driver has converted the document, it will be loaded into snappy fax and the 'Prepare Fax' screen will be presented.  From the 'Prepare Fax' screen, you can choose the intended recipients for your fax, select the desired cover page template, etc.


Whenever sending faxes by whatever method, you will be presented with the 'Prepare Fax Job' screen after the image has been processed and is ready for faxing.


The video clip shows a user sending a fax from Microsoft Word...


Sending a fax from Microsoft Word with Snappy Fax