Selective Forwarding to Email

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Selective Forwarding to Email


Snappy fax can selectively forward incoming faxes to email addresses depending on the CSID (calling station ID) of the fax sender.  Each fax machine transmits a CSID during the initial negotiation between the fax sender and fax receiver.  The CSID transmitted is established by the sender, not all senders will transmit a CSID, but the vast majority will and this is usually the fax number of the transmitter.  Note that the sender's CSID may include area code and country code or just the basic phone number of the fax machine.  You can set up a pattern using wildcards to match more than one number.  The asterisk (*) is a wildcard character as seen in the screenshot below.  The first pattern shown 229* means that any CSID beginning with 229 will match regardless of what follows after the 229.  The second pattern 229-246* means that any CSID starting with 229-246 will match.  The only other valid wildcard character is the question mark (?) which will match any single character.  For example, 22?-246* will match any area code beginning with 22 and then followed by -246 and anything after that, so these will match: 227-246-9876, 226-246-8988 but 239-246-0989 will not match (for example).


Use the buttons to enter a new pattern and/or new email addresses for each pattern with your recipient information.  The name field is optional.