Network Clients

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Network Clients


Use this section to add or delete network clients from the fax server's support list.  Note that a fax job submitted to the fax server from a client computer that is not enabled in this list will be ignored by the fax server.




Client Privileges


The following client privileges can be granted to a client on a per modem basis, however granting Administrator privileges to a client grants all privileges on all modems.


Check Faxes In/Out


A client can 'check out' a fax, meaning that he/she is working on that fax.  When a fax is checked out by a client, it is marked in the fax server's database as checked out and by whom.  A checked out fax cannot be moved to trash, purged, archived, imported by other clients, etc. until is has been checked back in by the client from the client software.


Can Send


This privilege grants to the client the ability to send faxes on the indicated modem.


See All Outgoing


This privilege grants to the client the ability to see all outgoing faxes processed on the indicated modem regardless of which client submitted the fax job to the fax server.


Incoming Visible


Grants to the client the ability to see from the client software, faxes received on the modem.


Can Auto Import


Grants the privilege of automatically importing incoming faxes received on this modem.