Purchase and Pricing

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Purchase and Pricing



The fax server software is free to use for 30 days, there are no feature limitations whatever during this evaluation period.  At the end of the evaluation period, you will need a license file to continue using the fax server.  




The fax server (standard edition) is priced at a base price of $99.00 USD.  The fax server (G3 Edition) is priced at a base price of $149.00 USD.  This is for the fax server only, the client packages are $49.99 each.




Pricing example (standard edition):


If you need a 5 user configuration, you will need to purchase:


1 fax server license @ $99.00

5 client pkgs @ $49.99


Total: $ 348.95


After the first year annual support/maintenance charges as follows are required:


Standard Edition:

$49.50 + $10.00 per supported network client


SG3 Edition:

$74.50 + $10.00 per supported network client.


If you later decide you need to support additional clients, you only need to purchase the additional client pkgs that you need @ $49.99 each.  Your will receive a new license file for the fax server to add support for the additional clients and a license file for each additional client.


We have volume discounts available for configurations of 20 users or more.


Our volume pricing schedule is posted on our website here.



You can purchase our software securely online at http://www.snappysoftware.com/paypalorders.htm



If you prefer to purchase by check or money order you can mail your payment to:


John Taylor & Associates

233 Nannook Rd

Mexico Beach, FL  32456


If you prefer to purchase by bank or wire transfer, please email us at sales@snappysoftware.com for our banking details for executing a bank or wire transfer.  If you intend to purchase by wire transfer, please note that you will need to include a $18.00 fee in the wire amount as our financial institution charges us a fee for wire transfers.