Technical Support

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Technical Support



To obtain technical support for our software please send email to:


Note that we provide free support via email for one year from your purchase date.  You will find that you will receive a timely response to your tech support emails the same day and even on weekends and most holidays.  After one year , you will need to purchase an annual maintenance/renewal license (50% of fax server license cost plus $10 per supported client).


When asking for tech support please include the tech support file that is generated by the fax server from its menu item 'Help | Technical Support'.  When sending tech support email, please describe your problem as completely as possible so that we can resolve your issue as quickly as possible.  Sending tech support emails with descriptions like 'won't send faxes' or 'doesn't work' are a waste of your time and our time and will only serve to generate unneeded exchanges of email to determine what the problem is.  If you are getting an error message, quote the error message EXACTLY, please don't say 'I got an error message' !  We need to know what the error message was exactly.  It will be extremely helpful if you include the exact steps in 1,2,3 fashion to reproduce the issue.