Migrating from prior versions

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Migrating from prior versions


If you are migrating from version 4 of snappy fax and you have snappy fax configured as a client to the fax server software perform these preliminary steps before importing your version 4 data into version 5:


1.Import all unimported faxes from the fax server into your client.

2.Update the status of all jobs submitted to the fax server.



If you using snappy fax in desktop mode then there are no special precautions.  After installing version 5, use the 'Import Prior version data' button on the 'Utilities' Ribbon tab to import your snappy fax version 4 fax data, settings and other items.   Version 5 of snappy fax uses a different version of the database engine and will not automatically pick up and use your version 4 data, you will need to use the 'Import From Prior Version' button on the 'Utilities' ribbon tab and run the import procedure to import your data from version 4 of snappy fax.  


Note:  The import procedure will import all records from the version 4 database, you cannot selectively import so import after installing version 5 and do not perform the import procedure thereafter.  Your settings will also be imported from version 4, however if you have a receive mode schedule established, that information will not be imported.  The receive mode scheduler has undergone radical coding changes and you will need to reestablish your schedule in version 5.