System Requirements

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System Requirements



Snappy Fax is not a 'fax service' that handles your faxing needs on a per fax basis like eFax (to name one), it is fax software that you install on your computer and use to send and receive faxes over your existing phone line.



Snappy Fax is compatible with the following versions of Windows:



Windows XP

Windows Vista

Windows 7

Windows 8

Windows 10

Windows Server (all versions)


Snappy Fax does not require a lot of memory and most modern computers that are capable of running recent Windows versions have

sufficient memory.  Hard disk space requirements will depend on your fax volume and with the advent of large capacity hard drives in the computer world hard disk space should not be an issue.  If you are running very low on hard disk space then it's time to upgrade your hard drive anyway.  You will need about 30 mb to install snappy fax and create the empty databases that are required.


You will need a fax modem installed in your computer and connected to your telephone line in order to send and receive faxes with snappy fax.  The exception here is that if you will be configuring Snappy Fax as a client to our fax server software, you will not need a fax modem.


Fax machines are connected to the worldwide telephone network and you must use this telephone network to send faxes to them or receive faxes from them.  You cannot send a fax over the internet to a fax machine connected to the telephone network.


Note: DSL and Cable modems and other wireless modems used for networking or internet connections are not fax modems.



Please refer to the topic on Modems for more information on recommended fax modems.



You do not need a scanner to use snappy fax, it is purely optional.  If you have a twain compliant scanner then it should work with Snappy Fax.  Snappy Fax cannot detect and use a network scanner connected to another computer on a network, it must be a scanner connected directly to your computer.