Shared Address Books

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Shared Address Books


You can create any number of address books with snappy fax.  If you are on a network and snappy fax is configured as a client to the fax server, then you will likely want to have all users share an address book.  If snappy fax is configured in desktop mode, the screen appears as in screen 1 below, if configured as a client to the fax server software *and* the option to use the database server is in force, the screen looks as in screen 2 below.


To do this, just create a new address book in a network location that is accessible to others on the network or as in screen 2 below check the 'Place on Fax Server as Shared Address Book' option.  If the latter option is used the newly created address book will automatically become visible, connected and available to all network users.  If the database server is not being used and you are configured as a client to the fax server, you will need to use the 'Connect to an Existing Address Book' option and browse to the address book location (folder) that was created by another client in order to connect to it.


screen 1




screen 2