Database server

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Database server



The fax server installer installs the snappy fax database server into the same program files folder.  When the fax server is configured to use the database server, it will start the db server and also make a RUN entry in the registry so that windows will start the db server at boot time.




1.  TCP Ports 12005 through 12008 should be open on the fax server and all network computers where the snappy fax client software will be used.

2.  Make sure you can ping the fax server from each network client *and* that you can ping the fax server computer from each network client.


The fax server installer will run a script to open the necessary ports, but due to windows group policy restrictions this may not be successful.  If you are using a third party firewall or anti-virus software that manages your firewall, configure it to allow connections (both incoming and outgoing) on these ports.


The database server represents itself as an icon in the system tray, you can view the main screen by double clicking on the icon in the system tray, the main window looks like this:




Note the Hide button, you can hide the screen by clicking this button but you cannot terminate the db server without using Task Manager to kill it.


The database server 'server sessions' tab looks like this:




This status view shows 4 connected sessions from the fax server software.  Other sessions that have been disconnected are also shown.


User Names are constructed like this:


For the fax server software the user name will be FAX SERVER ON {computername}, for client software connected sessions, the name will be FAX CLIENT ON {computername}