Importing from Prior Version

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Importing from Prior Version


If you are a current version 2 fax server user, you should use 'Utilities | Import Prior Version Data' from the fax server's menu to import your settings and fax data from version 2.


Note that while version 2 fax data can be import into version 3 of the fax server, there is no provision for exporting version 3 data to a format that can then be imported back to version 2 of the fax server.






The data folder for data files in version 3 is initially c:\faxserver3, you may later change the data location after you have imported your prior version data using 'Utilities | Relocate Data' from the main menu.


It is recommended that you keep the default location.  If you relocate your data files you will need to manually set the share name of SFSERVER3 on the new data folder and re-configure the client software to point to the new data location.  The fax server will set the share name on the default data folder and attempt to set the share name on the new data folder, however, be aware that Windows will not allow it to do so if you have selected a network drive for the data location.