Windows Server Versions - Special Considerations

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Windows Server Versions - Special Considerations

With Windows Server Versions (Server 2003, 2008, 2012 and Small Business Server) special considerations may need to be given, depending on the 'Roles' you have configured in Windows Server.  Note that snappy fax server does not require Windows Server, it can be installed on any computer running any version of windows.  These instructions only apply to Windows Server versions.


Fax Server Role



To use snappy fax server with Windows server versions, it is not necessary to have the 'Fax Server' Role installed and configured in Windows Server.  If you have the 'Fax Server' Role installed and configured in Windows Server then you should take 1 of the following 2 actions:


Remove the 'Fax Server' Role from Windows Server.  From the Server Manager, right click on the top node in the left pane 'Server Manager' and select 'Remove Roles' from the popup menu.  Remove the 'Fax Server' Role.  

If removing the role is not desired then you will need to disable the devices (modems) that have been configured.  Expand the nodes beneath the 'Fax Server' until you see the 'Devices' node, your modem(s) may be shown in subnodes beneath this node.  If so, right click on each modem and uncheck the 'Auto Receive' and 'Send' items in the popup menu or select 'Properties' from the popup menu and disable the device for receiving and sending on the Properties page.


If the 'Fax Server' Role is installed and devices are configured and you do not disable the devices or remove the Role, snappy fax server will be denied access to the modems' com ports and will not be able to send or receive faxes.


Network Policy and Remote Access Role


If the 'Network Policy and Remote Access Role' is installed and configured to have Windows server listen for incoming network connections on a dialup modem connection, this must be disabled.  If this is not done, snappy fax server will be prevented from using the modem(s) for sending and receiving faxes.


Expand the 'Network Policy and Remote Access Role' node and look for 'Routing and Remote Access', expand further and examine the 'Ports' node.  Right click on the 'Ports' node and select 'Properties' from the popup menu.  Select each fax modem on your computer and click the 'Configure...' button and then disable (uncheck) the 'Remote access connections (inbound only)' and 'Demand dialing routing connections (inbound and outbound)' checkboxes.