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Easy to use, loaded quickly, worked right off the bat. "I have tried Snappy Fax for the 30 days and just purchased. This program is terrific. After suffering through constant problems with WinFax, I threw that program out and tried Snappy Fax. This program is brilliant! Easy to use, loaded quickly, worked right off the bat. I am so pleased! Thanks and keep up the great work!"
John Panzarella, in Gatlinburg, TN

I am blown away by how easy and complete yours is "I removed our current expensive complicated fax server software today and installed Snappy Fax in its place. I found Snappy Fax to be so easy that I was up and running in an hour and that is including the time it took to remove the old fax server software and it included the time to test both ports and make such adjustments as autoprint to a certain printer and save each fax as a separate file in the folder of my choice. I have used several fax servers and I am blown away by how easy and complete yours is! We are implementing your software for the mere cost of the annual support contract on the other.

Thanks for Snappy Fax."
Mike Magarahan

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  • One time license fee
  • Free Tech Support
  • No Annual Maintenance Fees
  • No Annual Renewals
  • No Brainer !
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Snappy Fax Desktop/Client

$49.99 Standard edition / $69.99 High Speed fax Super G3 edition

Since 1999, thousands of users worldwide have been using Snappy Fax to send and receive faxes. For a one-time license cost of $49.99 ($69.99 for Super G3 Edition), no annual renewals, free technical support and the most extensive feature set around, Snappy Fax is the best bargain you will find !

You won't find any fax software supporting High Speed Fax (known as Super G3) in this price range !

Snappy fax is compatible with all versions of Windows and Windows Server.

In addition to the traditional sending/receiving faxes using your own phone line and fax modem, Snappy Fax now supports sending and receiving faxes using your internet fax service if that is your preference. Services currently supported are eFax, myFax, MetroFax, RapidFax, Fax87, SmartFax and FaxAge, others to be added soon.

Snappy Fax is now available in an ActiveX Automation Server edition, which allows you to automate or integrate fax into your application.

The full version of snappy fax is free to use for 30 days, take a test drive today !

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Snappy Fax Network Fax Server

$99.00 Standard edition/ $149.00 High Speed fax Super G3 edition

Pricing   Quick Setup Guide (pdf)

Tired of waiting in line at the office fax machine ?
Have multiple network computers but only a few phone lines ?
Our fax server is just what you are looking for!

With Snappy Fax server, just submit your fax, continue with your work and you'll be notified when the fax is finished. Our fax server supports up to 32 fax modems sending and receiving faxes simultaneously. Expensive dedicated fax boards are not required and since it is priced on a "per workstation" basis, it's affordable for small and large networks alike.

Watch our YouTube video of the fax server in action.

Snappy Fax Server is compatible with all versions of Windows and Windows Server. Our Fax Server is suitable for both peer-to-peer networks and Windows Server network environments.

Whether you're an insurance agency with a small network or a medical practice needing fax integration into your medical records software, you'll find our fax server will fit nicely into your current workflow.

The full version of our fax server software is free to use for 30 days, discover for yourself, it's the best fax server anywhere!

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Snappy Fax Lite Edition


Snappy Fax Lite is our entry level fax program, if you do not need the entire feature set of snappy fax desktop, Snappy Fax Lite edition is for you. All versions of Windows except Windows 2000 are supported.

The full version of Snappy Fax Lite is free to use for 30 days, start your evaluation today !

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