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No Faxploit vulnerability here! 

Super G3 (High Speed Fax) Editions now Available 

Did you know?... You can read faxes received by snappy fax on your mobile device. Read More...

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Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions?...
  • How can I send and receive faxes directly on my computer?
  • How can I integrate fax into my medical office patient management software?
  • How can I automate my fax operations in my Pharmacy?
  • How can I send faxes from multiple computers on my network with only one fax line?
  • Can I send faxes without a fax line, fax modem or fax machine at all?
If you answered yes then you have landed in the right place, click here to see which version of snappy fax is right for you...

Snappy Fax Lite Software Box Image Snappy Fax Lite Edition   $29.99

Snappy Fax Lite is a standalone fax program for sending and receiving faxes on your computer using your existing fax modem and telephone line. Snappy Fax Lite is great for casual users or those that do not need the exhaustive feature set of Snappy Fax Desktop/Client. All versions of Windows (including Windows 10) are supported with the exception of Windows 2000.

The Lite Edition includes many nice features like:
  • forwarding incoming fax to email
  • fax blast to any number of recipients
  • junk fax reject
  • and more

The full version of Snappy Fax Lite is free to use for 30 days, start your evaluation today !

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Snappy Fax Desktop/Client Software Box Image Snappy Fax Desktop/Client    $ 49.99 Snappy Fax 5 Star Award

Snappy Fax Desktop/Client has the most extensive fax software feature set in its price range, free technical support and updates for the first year. Snappy Fax is the best bargain you will find ! You won't find any fax software supporting High Speed Fax (known as Super G3) in this price range ! Super G3 allows fax speeds in excess of the normal 14400 bps up to 33600 bps.

Snappy fax is ideal for medical offices that need to incorporate incoming and outgoing faxes into their EMR or EHR system. Pharmacies will find it ideal with seamless integration into PK Compounder pharmacy software. read more

Snappy fax is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Win7, Win8 and Windows 10 (Windows 2000 is no longer supported). All Windows Server versions are also supported.

Snappy Fax Desktop/Client runs either as a standalone fax application to send and receive faxes on your computer or when properly configured, as a client to our fax server software in network environments. It can also be configured to use an internet fax server which requires no modem or phone line connection at your site.

Snappy Fax can also be configured to send faxes from your iPhone, iPad or other mobile device.

For programmers, Snappy Fax is now available in an ActiveX Automation Server edition, which allows you to automate or integrate fax functionality into your application.

The full version of snappy fax is free to use for 30 days, take a test drive today !

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Snappy Fax Server Box Image Snappy Fax Network Fax Server   Pricing    Quick Setup Guide (pdf)

If you need fax capability on more than one workstation on your network, our fax server software is for you.

If you already have one or more fax modems and a fax line then you have all the hardware you need, there is no additional hardware required. Our fax server software is easy to install and configure, typical turnaround from install to ready-to-run is less than 15 minutes. No expensive dedicated fax boards are required, our fax server uses regular fax modems and can support up to 32 modems sending and receiving faxes simultaneously or it can be configured to use an internet fax server which requires no modems or fax lines at your location.

You can also use our fax server installed on a central computer that can serve client computers connected via the internet to employ central fax sending/receiving for remote office locations.

All versions of Windows (including Windows 10) and Windows Server are supported.

Many Medical clinics have found our fax server easily meets their needs to integrate fax into their medical records system and fits nicely into their current workflow. HIPAA compliant ? Absolutely !

The full version of our fax server software is free to use for 30 days, discover for yourself, it's the best fax server anywhere!

Comments from a user:

"I removed our current expensive complicated fax server software today and installed Snappy Fax in its place. I found Snappy Fax to be so easy that I was up and running in an hour and that is including the time it took to remove the old fax server software and it included the time to test both ports and make such adjustments as autoprint to a certain printer and save each fax as a separate file in the folder of my choice. I have used several fax servers and I am blown away by how easy and complete yours is! We are implementing your software for the mere cost of the annual support contract on the other."

Thanks for Snappy Fax !"
Mike Magarahan

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