Creating a fax draft


You can create a draft by simply turning draft mode on.  The draft modem window opens automatically when snappy fax is put into draft mode.


When snappy fax is in draft mode, anything that is printed from other applications to the 'snappy fax printer' will be directed to the draft window and become a part of the current draft.  You can also use the buttons on the draft window toolbar to open an image file and add to the draft, scan a document and add it to the draft.  Additionally, you can drag and drop images onto the draft window from Windows Explorer or from any thumbnail pane in the snappy fax main window to add images to the current draft.  You can also, drag a fax record from the fax logs and drop onto the draft window to add images from the database to the draft.


Let's consider a hypothetical example...


Suppose you have two faxes received from different parties and want to fax those images to someone else...


You can add the images to the draft as follows:


1.  Find the incoming fax from party 1 in the incoming fax folder.  Click it with the mouse to ensure it is selected and then drag

   the item itself from the incoming fax log to the draft window.  All pages in the image for that fax will become part of the draft.


2.  Find the fax from party 2 and repeat the process.


Alternatively, you will find a button on the toolbar above the database grids that contain items with fax images, like the inbox or outbox or the scheduled faxes database.  The button with the hint 'Append Selected Fax Images to Draft Windows' can be used to copy the image of those selected database items to the draft window, quickly and easily.  Notice that this button will not be enabled unless snappy fax is in draft mode.


The draft window will now contain the images from those two incoming fax entries in the incoming fax log.  If you did not want all pages included in the draft, you could have selected a thumbnail (below the fax log) and dragged and dropped it onto the draft window to only add that image instead of all pages of the image.


Now, say you have a tif file or other image file stored on your computer that you want to include in the draft.  Locate the file in Windows Explorer and drag the file name and drop it onto the draft window.  It is now a part of the draft.  You can also drag and drop a pdf file as well as tif and other image file formats.  When dragging and dropping like this, drop onto a blank area of the draft window (checkerboard).  You can, instead of drag and drop from Windows Explorer, right click on the file name and select 'Send To->Snappy Fax Version 5' from the context (popup) menu.


Want to include a scanned document as well ?  No problem, just click the scan button on the Draft window's toolbar and you can include the scanned documents in the draft as well.


You can rearrange pages in the draft by holding down the shift key, then dragging a thumbnail and dropping it in the desired position in the draft window.


You can replace an image in the draft window with another image from somewhere by dragging and dropping on top of an existing thumbnail in the draft window.


Draft mode is very powerful this way.  As you can see it can be used as a general purpose tool to manipulate compound documents even if you will not ultimately fax the document.


Note: The draft window has its own toolbar and buttons that you can use to fax the draft , save the images to a file, start a scan operation, print the images, etc.