Filter (Junk Fax) Settings


Snappy fax can filter out unwanted junk incoming faxes.  You can establish a fax filter, by checking the type of filter that you want.  You can use either a 'Reject' filter whereby faxes from any of the listed fax numbers is rejected or an 'Accept' filter whereby you will only accept faxes from certain fax numbers.  The fax number is actually the CSID (calling station ID) transmitted by the fax sender.  It is usually the fax number in some format but not always, some junk faxers send a blank CSID which is the reason for the 'Reject faxes from ... who do not transmit' option.  Select the type of filter you want to use and then enter the CSID's in the New edit box and click the Add button to add to the list.  Note that the CSID entered here must match exactly the CSID transmitted by the sender.