The Quick Bar


The Application button and Quick Bar are located at the upper left corner of the main Snappy Fax window.




The Quick Bar is always accessible because it is located on the window title bar, not  a Ribbon tab that might not be the currently selected tab.  If the main window is visible you can quickly make a selection from the Quick Bar.


The Quick Bar has five buttons:


1.Settings - click this button to open Snappy Fax' settings window
2.Lock or Unlock settings - This is a 'sticky' button click it to lock your settings, it will remain in the pushed state.  Click again to unlock your settings and return the button to the up state.  Note: You must enter the password to lock or unlock settings.  The default password is ADMIN, if you change the password please record it somewhere ! Snappy Fax technical support will not be able to recover your password for you if you forget what it is.  The button's icon will change to indicate locked or unlocked.
3.Fax Search - Search for a fax in the database using user specified criteria.
4.Receive Mode - Use this 'sticky' button to turn receive mode on or off.  In the pushed state receive mode is on, click again to release the button to the up state and to turn receive mode off.  The button's icon will change to give you a visual cue to the current state of receive mode.
5.Draft mode - Start or Stop Draft mode.  This is also a 'sticky' button.  See: Draft Mode
6.Connect or Disconnect Fax Server's database - This button is only enabled if you have Snappy Fax configured as a client to our fax server software.  If this button is in the pushed state then Snappy Fax will connect to the Fax Server's database.  Snappy Fax will connect to the fax server's database automatically at startup if the appropriate option is engaged in settings->fax server interface.