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The downloads on this page are not 'demo' or 'trial' versions, they are the full versions and are fully functional for 30 days, after which time a license will be required to continue using them.

All download files have been verified virus free

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Installation Notes:  Save the download file to a folder on your computer. Run the installation program and follow the installer's instructions to complete the installation.

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Note: The ActiveX Server Editions are for programmers who wish to add fax functionality to applications they are writing using Snappy Fax ActiveX Server, others do not need this edition of our software.

Snappy Fax Desktop/Client Software Box Image

Snappy Fax Desktop/Client

$49.99 / $69.99 Super G3

All Windows Versions:
(Note: Windows 2000 is no longer supported)

Download Standard Edition
Download Super G3 Edition

Download Standard ActiveX Server Edition
Download Super G3 ActiveX Server Edition

File Name: sf5setup.exe (Standard)
File Name: sf5setupG3.exe (SG3 Edition)
File Name: sf5setupAuto.exe (Standard ActiveX Server Edition)
File Name: sf5setupAutoG3.exe (SG3 ActiveX Server Edition)
File Size: 37MB
Release Date: 4/17/2019

Snappy Fax Server Box Image

Snappy Fax Network Fax Server

$99.00 / $149.00 Super G3

All Windows Versions:

Download Standard Edition
Download Super G3 Edition

File Name: sf3netsetup.exe (Standard)
File Name: sf3netsetupG3.exe (G3 Edition) File Size: 16MB
Release Date: 4/10/2019

Snappy Fax Lite Box Image

Snappy Fax Lite


All Windows Versions
(Note: Pre-Windows XP versions not supported)

Download Snappy Fax Lite

File Name: sflitesetup.exe
File Size: 16MB
Release Date: 1/4/2019


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