Snappy Fax


For 20 years, businesses around the world have trusted Snappy Fax to automate fax processing, integrate with practice management systems and manage their fax documents.

Snappy Fax Server Features

Forwarding to Email #1 Most Popular

You can forward faxes to any number of email addresses.  With selective forwarding you can control who gets the email based on the caller’s fax number.

Other Features


  • Supports up to 32 fax modems.
  • Multiple concurrent sending/receiving fax sessions simultaneously
  • An unlimited number of snappy fax client workstations can be supported
  • Expensive dedicated fax boards like Brooktrout are not required.  Our fax server uses regular fax modems.

Incoming Faxes

  • You can save fax images to any local or network drive
  • Identify fax senders easily using flexible file naming templates
  • You can automatically reject faxes from know fax “spammers” with junk Fax filters

Fax Modems or No Modems, You Choose

  • Traditional fax model using your fax modem/fax line
  • Email to fax interface to FaxAge or SRFax

WorkFlow Managment

  • By granting privileges to workstations you can isolate or departmentalize fax lines/fax modems
  • Mark faxes as “checked out” or “handled” to assist workflow management
  • Configure printing on a per modem basis to route faxes to the right department

Multi-Page Fax Split

  • Split and save Multi-page fax images into individual files automatically.  Ideal for integrating multi-page faxes into individual patient profiles in medical record systems.

Need a feature? Ask!

This is just a recap of Snappy Fax Server features, there are many more.  If you need a custom feature, please let us know, we consider all feature recommendations from customers!