Here we will show you how to setup Snappy Fax to work with PK Compounder Pharmacy Software.

Snappy Fax has a very interesting feature, we call “watched folders”. Pk Compounder takes advantage of this feature to interface into Snappy Fax for sending faxes.

How to configure “watched folders”

In Snappy Fax’s settings, there is a category “watched folders” (shown below):

Snappy Fax Settings Watched Folders Category

You should already have PK Compounder installed. Simply click the “Set PK Compounder Defaults” button. Snappy Fax will do the rest for you. Leave the other options at their default values.

The only other thing you need to do is to configure PK Compounder to use Snappy Fax. In PK Compounder’s Settings under “CC & Fax” set the monitor directory to the same folder. The default is “c:\PKS4\Fax” as shown in the image above. Enter that in the edit box as shown below:

Also, note the “snappy fax options settings”. The image shows “S_N”. This means the fax routing method will be “S” for “submit to the fax server” software for transmission. If you are using Snappy Fax as a standalone desktop, change the “S” to “R”. The “N” means do not send a cover page. If you want to send a cover page change it to “Y” and your chosen snappy fax default cover page will be used.

How it works

Snappy Fax monitors the watched folders and when a new file is created, it automatically sends the fax. Snappy Fax requires a precise file name constructed in its required format. This is so the recipient name and fax number can be parsed out. PK Compounder knows how to do this. It will create an appropriately named pdf file in the correct watched folder so Snappy Fax can send the fax.