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Reading faxes on your mobile device

What do I need?

The following applies to snappy fax desktop, snappy fax lite and snappy fax server.
In order to read faxes on your mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android,etc.) you will need:
  • A DropBox or similar account. It could be GoogleDrive, OneDrive and there are others, here we use "Dropbox" in the generic sense.'
  • DropBox App for your mobile device
  • DropBox installed on your snappy fax computer
  • Snappy fax configured to save incoming faxes to the local DropBox, GoogleDrive, etc. folder (see image)

    Snappy fax dropbox configuration

Chances are you already have DropBox installed on your computer and mobile device so you can share documents. The only thing you need to do is create a subfolder of DropBox (if desired) and set that folder in your snappy fax or snappy fax server to save incoming fax images. Either .pdf or .tiff should be fine, most mobile devices can view these file formats without a problem.

As snappy fax receives faxes and saves the file to its DropBox folder, the DropBox service will synchronize the file with the DropBox server and the files will then be accessible from your mobile device. This synchronization takes place invisibly in the background.

Note we have only mentioned incoming faxes here but the same procedure can be used for outgoing faxes as well.


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